How To Generate Long Term Care Insurance Leads With A Landing Page

If you want to generate long term care insurance leads or life insurance leads from a website, it’s essential you understand the difference between a Homepage and a Landing Page.

Homepage versus Landing Page

The primary purpose of a Homepage is to provide a general overview of your long term care insurance business. Think of it as part of your overall LTC insurance website. Your long term care insurance website pages all have a common design, navigation (menu) items directing users to your Learning Center, About, Testimonials and Contact pages. These pages are designed to provide general long term care insurance information to the user who is still trying to learn more about long term care planning. These website pages do include a prominent Call To Action (CTA) to request a quote and/or long term care planning information, but they also include a lot of additional information and navigation options, all of which tend to distract the website visitor. Because of all these distractions, general website pages will convert long term care insurance leads at a significantly lower rate than your Landing Page.

Why You Need To Use A Landing Page

Now let’s look at the design of a Landing Page. LTC Agent Websites gives you a Landing Page that is accessed by clicking the [GET A QUOTE] or [REQUEST QUOTES] button located prominently on each page. The long term care insurance Landing Page is a form of a web page but it has a very specific purpose, to obtain long term care insurance leads. It is a simplified web page that has no other distractions. This allows the user to be totally focused on your primary goal of having them complete the form. Your long term care insurance Landing Page:

  • Has the one major goal of turning visitors into long term care insurance leads
  • Tells a short and distinct story and makes it simple for the visitor to get what they need, long term care planning information and quotes
  • Is designed to receive traffic from one or several specific sources (such as an ad or email campaign) — thus the “landing”
  • Prompts visitors to take one well-defined action
  • Stays focused on the single offer throughout the page
  • Omits navigation (menu) options
  • Has a conversion rate expectation in the 20% to 40% range

How To Drive Visitors To Your Landing Page

Your Landing Page is best utilized when you are running a marketing or sales campaign focused on obtaining Long Term Care leads. Following are some ideas for getting the right long term care prospects to your Landing Page:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Facebook Ads
  • A paid listing with AALTCI
  • Paid Search Campaign (Google Adwords or BingAds)
  • The “Website” field on your social media profile
  • Advertising on radio, television and print
  • Your profile on
  • When you write a long term care article for a magazine or blog

A dedicated long term care insurance Landing Page is one of the many benefits provided by LTC Agent Websites. If you don’t already have a website with us GET STARTED NOW >>

Do you have additional ideas on how to drive LTC insurance prospects to a Landing Page? Join the conversation by adding your comments below.

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